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Reveal a Flawless Interior: Mobile  Detailing in London

Car Paint Correction

At The Valeters, our team of seasoned professionals excels in top-level car paint correction, breathing new life into your vehicle's outward appearance. Our professional paint correctors in London are well-versed in this meticulous, multistep machine process that only skilled experts can execute to perfection.

One of the primary culprits behind the unsightly swirls and blemishes on your car's finish is improper handling at local car washes.  If you observe spider-web-like marks and swirls in direct sunlight or dull paintwork, these are clear indicators that your car is in dire need of this expert service.

Beneficial if you:

  • Recently purchased or selling your vehicle.

  • You wish to enhance the gloss and clarity of your vehicles paintwork

What to expect:

  • Eliminate scratches & swirls

  • Enhance gloss level

  • Restore clarity 

Car Paint Correction
What to expect

  • Exterior wash with snow foam.

  • Paint Decontamination (Tar & Iron removal).

  • Clay Bar treatment.

  • Heavy cutting compound or wet sanding all deep scratches.

  • Enhancement: Single stage machine polish whole car: targeting holograms, scratches and swirls. 

  • Autoglym HD Wax application or upgrade to Ceramic Coating.

Pro Tip: Consistent upkeep is essential. Inquire about our car club for tailored maintenance solutions to keep your vehicle in prime condition.

paint correction the valeters

Have any questions? Send us a email or call today. 

What is the Paint Correction Process?

The paint correction process involves the meticulous elimination of fine scratches, etching, acid rain marks, swirls, water spots, bird droppings, buffer trails, and, in some cases, deeper scratches. Achieving exceptional results requires the expertise of professional paint correctors. At The Valeters, we exclusively employ professional-grade tools and products. Typically, the paint correction procedure comprises the following key stages:

  1. Imperfection Inspection: To kick off the process, our paint correctors carefully assess the vehicle's exterior surfaces. They measure the depth of the paint, ensuring a sufficient clear coat and paint layers are present to facilitate a safe correction.

  2. Vehicle Wash and Decontamination: This stage is paramount in the paint correction process. Our experts employ a specialised automotive clay bar to eradicate stubborn contaminants and industrial buildup. The result is a smooth surface, allowing the polishing machine to glide effortlessly. This thorough wash prevents contaminants from causing damage during the polishing phase.

  3. Wet Sanding and Compounding: While not always necessary, this step comes into play when dealing with substantial imperfections such as orange peel paint or deep scratches. Compounding, a gentler alternative to wet sanding, considers the remaining clear coat and the extent of imperfection severity to determine its need.

  4. Polishing: Typically performed in multiple stages, polishing varies based on factors like clear coat type, imperfection severity, vehicle size, and more. This step involves a combination of machine pads and polishes. Polishing eradicates any marring, holograms, light swirls, and abrasions from the compounding phase, and adds a protective layer to the car's paint for lasting shine and protection.

  5. Sealant Application: The paint correction process culminates with the application of a sealant, offering an additional layer of protection against future imperfections and damages.


The paint correction process not only restores your vehicle's pristine appearance by eliminating imperfections but also shields it from future blemishes. This specialised service isn't available at your local car wash, underscoring the importance of entrusting it to professionals like The Valeters. To witness your vehicle's original shine and brilliance once more, schedule your paint correction appointment today. Feel free to reach out to us for additional information and any questions you may have.

Paint Correction Car Detailing London

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