"What's that odour?" It's something we've all heard. That scent emanating from your car's vents, under the seat, or in the upholstery itself might be anything. You've tried everything: cleaning and scrubbing, baking soda, everything you can think of. When all else fails, an ozone therapy is the next step. It's possible you've heard of it. Professional detailers work using ozone machines. Here's how we'll break it down for you.

What is an ozone treatment?

Ozone treatment is the process of removing viruses, germs, and smells using the gas ozone (O3). Depending on how strong the smell is, your detailer will install an ozone generator in your car for a predetermined period of time. The stink is neutralised and any bacteria and viruses are eliminated when the gas permeates your car. The best way to get rid of scents that won't go away is with ozone treatments. It can saturate the fibres of the upholstery, penetrate deep under seats, and access areas that you are unable to get because it is a gas.

How does ozone work?

The most effective sterilant in the world is ozone. Unwanted molecules are destroyed by ozone through the oxidation chemical process. When O3, an unstable molecule, comes into contact with another one will be destroyed by oxidation. Ozone interacts with the cell wall and breaks it down at the molecular level, effectively destroying the entire cell, killing bacteria and viruses.

When should I get an ozone treatment?

Your detailer uses an ozone generator to apply an ozone treatment. Usually, this procedure involves shining a certain wavelength of UV light on oxygen atoms. The generator will be left in your car for until long is required to get rid of any smell.


If the cause of the smell has been eliminated, ozone odour elimination is permanent. Before the ozone treatment, your detailer will give your automobile a thorough cleaning. Making sure the source of any odour is addressed is crucial. Make sure you have addressed the source of the moisture if you have mildew. When combined with Interior detail package, the Ozone treatment is fantastic..

Tobacco smoking is one of the main contributors to persistent car scents. The invisible chemical phenol, which is present in secondhand smoking, is what causes eye and respiratory tract irritation. Any phenol gas that is still present will be totally oxidised during an ozone treatment, essentially eliminating the odour. Because the molecules have been destroyed rather than covered up or filtered in this instance, the stench won't reappear.

Because ozone is a gas that dissipates after roughly half an hour, there is little risk of exposure from your vehicle. Before returning your vehicle to you, the detailer will make sure it is properly aired out.