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Reveal a Flawless Interior: Mobile  Detailing in London

OZONE Odour Removal & Disinfection

Spillages & Unpleasant Odours

Cigarette Smoke Odour

Pet Related Odours

Coffee/Tea/Milk Odours

"What's that odour?" It's something we've all heard. That scent emanating from your car's vents, under the seat, or in the upholstery itself might be anything. Maybe you've tried everything: cleaning and scrubbing, baking soda, everything you can think of.


When all else fails, an ozone treatment is the next step. At The Valeters, we bring the Ozone treatment to your doorstep!

Mobile Ozone Odour Removal &  Disinfection in London
Whats included

For the ultimate results, book alongside, Full Valet, Interior Detail or Diamond Detail packages.


We provide a 100% odour removal guarantee when Ozone treatment is purchased alongside our Valeting or Detailing pacakges.

  • A thorough examination of your car's interior to identify root cause of Odour.

  • Address the root cause by deep cleaning (only if Full Valet, or Detail packages purchased).

  • Professional grade Ozone treatment

  • Ventilate the vehicle by turning on the air conditioner on recirculation mode.

Pro Tip: For your safety, the car must be left unoccupied for a minimum of 4 hours to allow the ozone to neutralise. 

Car AC

15 minute treatment

Mild odour


30 minute treatment

Moderate odour


1 hour treatment

Strong odour


Mild Odour:

  • A mild odour is typically subtle and not overpowering.

  • It may be barely noticeable or only apparent in specific conditions (e.g., when the car is closed or under warm weather).

  • Mild odours often result from everyday sources like spilled beverages or brief exposure to unwanted scents.

Moderate Odour:

  • A moderate odour is more noticeable and may linger for an extended period.

  • It can be detected with the car's windows open or when entering the vehicle.

  • Moderate odours may result from slightly more significant issues, such as pet odours, smoke, or food spills.


Stubborn Odour:

  • Stubborn odours are highly noticeable and often persistent.

  • They are usually unpleasant and can be difficult to eliminate with simple cleaning.

  • Examples include strong pet odours, long-term cigarette smoke, or deeply embedded food, coffee & milk smells.

Have any questions? Send us a email or call today. 

What is an ozone treatment?

Ozone treatment is the process of removing viruses, germs, and smells using the gas ozone (O3). Depending on how strong the smell is, your detailer will install an ozone generator in your car for a predetermined period of time. The stink is neutralised and any bacteria and viruses are eliminated when the gas permeates your car. The best way to get rid of scents that won't go away is with ozone treatments. It can saturate the fibres of the upholstery, penetrate deep under seats, and access areas that you are unable to get because it is a gas.

How does ozone work?

The most effective sterilant in the world is ozone. Unwanted molecules are destroyed by ozone through the oxidation chemical process. When O3, an unstable molecule, comes into contact with another one will be destroyed by oxidation. Ozone interacts with the cell wall and breaks it down at the molecular level, effectively destroying the entire cell, killing bacteria and viruses.

When should I get an ozone treatment?

Your detailer uses an ozone generator to apply an ozone treatment. Usually, this procedure involves shining a certain wavelength of UV light on oxygen atoms. The generator will be left in your car for until long is required to get rid of any smell.

Spillages and Unpleasant Odours:
Spillages like vomit, urine, faeces, blood, and other bodily fluids require meticulous care. Regular cleaning alone won't fully eliminate the lingering odours, as harmful bacteria often remain. Our specialized formulas target and eliminate these bacteria, ensuring a complete odour removal process. Moreover, this service not only restores freshness but also makes your vehicle safe for you and your passengers. Bacteria can pose health risks, so thorough removal is essential.

Cigarette Smoke Odour:
If your vehicle carries the lingering scent of cigarette smoke, count on us for a thorough remedy. Cigarette odours can be stubborn and deeply entrenched in various parts of your car, including seats, mats, the boot, and even the air conditioning system. Our comprehensive cleaning process ensures a permanent solution, preventing the odour from returning shortly after, setting us apart from other providers.

Pet-Related Odours:
Pets can leave behind challenging and unpleasant odours, with the notorious "wet dog smell" being a common issue. Whether it's pet vomit, urine, faeces, or other bodily fluids, we've encountered and successfully tackled them all. Our experienced team employs effective methods to banish these odours, leaving your car smelling fresh and clean.

Coffee/Tea/ Milk Stain and Odour Removal:
Stubborn coffee, tea and milk stains accompanied by potent odours can be a hassle. We offer a swift solution to eliminate both the stains and odours from your car, allowing you to get back to your day with a refreshed vehicle. What's more, our fully mobile service ensures you can enjoy our stain and odour removal services conveniently, no matter where you are.

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