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Enhance and protect your vehicles appearance: Mobile  Detailing in London

Windscreen rain repellent protection

At The Valeters, we understand that safe and clear visibility is paramount when you're on the road, especially during adverse weather conditions.That's why we're proud to offer our advanced windscreen rain repellent coating service in London. Our expert team is committed to enhancing your driving experience by applying a highly hydrophobic shield to your vehicle's windshield.

This innovative treatment ensures that rainwater beads up and rolls off your windshield, significantly reducing the need for constant windshield wiper use and enhancing your visibility. With our rain repellent coating, you can navigate through rainy days and storms with confidence, knowing that you'll enjoy the best dirt and water repellency.

Any glass coated will stay cleaner for longer, and any contaminants such as bugs, bird droppings, and ice will be easier to remove.

Beneficial if you:

  • Seek enhanced visibility during rain.

  • Want less windshield cleaning.

  • Extend windshield wiper life.

  • Value safety during adverse weather.

What to expect:

  • Protection from bird droppings etc.

  • Water beads and rolls off.

  • Fewer wiper actions needed.

  • Improved safety in bad weather.

  • Crystal-clear windshield.

Mobile Rain Repellent Coatings
Whats included

Must be booked alongside, Mini Valet or Full Valet packages.

  • Windscreen deep clean

  • Windscreen preparation

  • 4mo Water repellent coating applied

Pro Tip: Consider buddying up this windscreen coating with a Ceramic or Carnauba Wax coating for ultimate protection.

windscreen coating mobile car valeting ruislip

Small Vehicles


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What is a glass coating?

In the world of car care, the significance of maintaining a clear and unobstructed view of the road cannot be overstated. Windscreen exterior deep cleaning and glass coating services have emerged as essential procedures to enhance visibility, ensure safety, and protect your vehicle from environmental contaminants. 

The Importance of Windscreen Clarity

A clean and unblemished windscreen is critical for safe driving. It allows the driver to have an unobstructed view of the road, other vehicles, and potential hazards. It's especially crucial during adverse weather conditions when rain, snow, or ice can significantly reduce visibility. Dirty or contaminated windscreens are not only inconvenient but also pose a risk to your safety on the road.

Windscreen Exterior Deep Clean

The process of windscreen exterior deep cleaning involves a meticulous and thorough cleansing of your vehicle's windscreen. This service is designed to remove dirt, grime, insects, and other contaminants that accumulate on the glass over time. A deep clean ensures that your windscreen is free from any obstructions, resulting in optimal visibility.

Introducing our Glass Coating for Maximum Repellency

To complement a windscreen exterior deep clean, a glass coating service provides a durable shield against environmental elements, offering maximum water repellency and enhancing your driving experience.

  • Maximum Water Repellency: Our coating excels in repelling water, ensuring that rainwater beads up and rolls off your windscreen. This characteristic significantly reduces the need for constant use of windshield wipers, particularly during light showers.

  • Ease of Cleaning: Any glass coated with this remarkable product stays cleaner for longer. It resists contaminants like bugs, bird droppings, and ice, making them easier to remove during routine cleaning. This attribute not only simplifies maintenance but also keeps your windscreen looking pristine.

  • Hydrophobic Properties: The glass coating is highly hydrophobic, causing water to bead and roll off even at low speeds. This hydrophobic nature enhances driving safety, as it allows for better visibility during wet weather conditions.

  • Duration: The coating offers excellent water repellency and protection for up to 4 months. While it may be less durable than some other glass coatings, it provides extended benefits before requiring reapplication.

When applied, our glass coating service enhances your windscreen's ability to repel water, maintain clarity, and reduce the need for constant use of windshield wipers. This, in turn, contributes to safer driving and greater convenience, particularly during adverse weather.

In conclusion, the combination of a windscreen exterior deep clean and glass coating is a powerful duo that ensures your windscreen remains clear and safe, even in challenging weather conditions. It's a testament to the commitment to preserving safety and enhancing your overall driving experience.

Mobile Windscreen coating in London

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