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Mobile Soft Top Cleaning service in London

Convertible Soft Top Clean & Protect

Get your convertible car ready for the summer and protect It for the winter.

At The Valeters, we know how important it is to keep your convertible roof car looking its best, especially as the sunny season approaches. That's why we offer a comprehensive Soft Top Cleaning service in London to ensure your car is ready to shine in the summer sun.

Soft Top Cleaning Made Easy:

Is your convertible roof car looking a bit worse for wear after the winter months? Don't worry; our accredited valeters are here to help with our specialised Soft Top Cleaning service. We understand that soft top cars are all about style, but factors like mould, stains, bird droppings, tree sap, and wear and tear from the wet seasons can take away from their appeal. That's where we come in with our three-stage cleaning and protection process.

What Sets Us Apart:

Unlike other car valeters who simply clean your soft top, we take a different approach. Our dedicated cleaning products and methods, combined with our premium hard wearing fabric protector, ensures that your soft top is thoroughly cleaned and protected from future damage. We've all heard horror stories of convertible tops being ruined by car washes, but with us, you can rest assured that won't happen. Our process takes between one to three hours, depending on the condition of your vehicle, the results are worth it.

Mobile Convertible Soft Top Clean & Protect
Whats included

What's included:​

Comprehensive inspection

Gentle rinse & agitation using specialist tools

Dirt extraction using purpose built vacuum

Open soft top, clean gutters and wind deflector (Access required)

Exterior wash

AutoGlym soft-top proofing application

Our team has undergone thorough training and accreditation to ensure proper and safe cleaning of soft tops.

​Pro Tip: Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your soft top in top condition. Proper cleaning and upkeep is crucial to maintaining its appearance and longevity. Ask about our Car Club maintenance plans to see how we can help.

Want your interior to shine as bright as your interior? Consider adding a Interior Detail to your booking for a total makeover.

Small Vehicles

From £120

Medium Vehicles

From £140

Large Vehicles

From £140

Frequently Asked Questions

Soft top clean and protect package

  • Are you a hand car wash?
    No, we are professional mobile car valeting and detailing company that covers London and surrounding areas. We come to you at your home or work.
  • How do I make a booking?
    Booking with us is simple: Choose the package that fits your needs, click "book now" to select a date and time for our service. It's quick—less than 60 seconds. Payment is only due once the valet is complete.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We ask to secure your booking with a debit/credit card authorisation and our payment gateway will block £1.00 to confirm the card is real. This will be returned within 5 working days. You can pay with cash on the day or with the pre-authorised card if you prefer. Just let the valeter know on arrival.
  • How can I get in touch with you?
    Our Customer Service team is here to help 7 days a week, from 8am to 8pm. Please email us at If you'd like to talk to us in person, dial 07553794441.
  • Are The Valeters insured?
    Rest assured, we are fully insured with Public Liability coverage of £10,000,000 and Employers Liability Insurance of £1,000,000
  • Where can you wash my car?
    We go to your home or place of work, whether you are parked on your driveway, a street or an underground car park, we come to you. All we need is a parking space for our Van within 15 meters of your car.
  • Do you supply the water & electricity?
    Yes, all our vans are equipped with a 250L tank of Ultra Pure Spotless Water. We also carry advanced Honda generators in our vans to guarantee a dependable power source. If you're willing and able to let us connect to your electrical supply, we greatly appreciate it as it helps minimise emissions and maintains a quieter environment for you and your neighbours. Rest assured, this is entirely optional.
  • What cleaning products do you use?
    We use top-tier car valeting products from Autoglym, the leading British car care manufacturer. Our team is well-versed and skilled in using these products.
  • What area's do you cover?
    You can find our coverage map on the Homepage. Feel free to explore the map to check if your location is within our catchment area. If not, don't hesitate to reach out, and we'll make every effort to accommodate your request and send our valeters to your location.
  • Do I have to empty my car before you arrive?
    For us to efficiently finish your valet within the scheduled time, kindly make sure all personal items have been taken out of the vehicle.
  • Do I have to be present whilst my car is being valeted?
    No need to worry; you can relax in the comfort of your home or go about your day whilst our valeters get to work on your car.
  • What happens if it rains or snows on the day of my valet?
    If it looks like there's going to be really bad weather, like heavy rain, snow, or if there's a red weather warning, we'll get in touch with you to change the date of your booking. But don't worry, if it's raining on the day of your booking, we're trained to provide our services at a really high standard even in those conditions.
  • Can you remove pet hair?
    Certainly, we come equipped with the right tools for effective pet hair removal. Please select the relevant pet add on when making your booking to benefit from our pet hair removal service.
  • Can you remove cigarette smoke, dog, milk, or vomit odours from my car?
    Yes, we have the expertise and experience to effectively eliminate all odours. For the best results, check our Odour and Mould sanitisation package.
  • What to do if my valeter is late?
    Our arrival times are +/- 1 hour. That means our valeters can arrive an hour before or after your scheduled booking time without being classified as late. This measure is put in place to sufficient time for unforeseen delays. If our valeters are likely to miss the arrival window, we will reach out to you as soon as possible to notify you.
  • Can you clean convertible roofs (soft top)?
    Certainly, we are well-equipped to clean convertible roofs. Explore our dedicated page on convertible roof cleaning and protection for detailed insights into our specialised process.
  • Do you offer discounts for regular customers?
    Certainly! We love repeat custom & will do everything possible to ensure you have every reason to come back to us. Explore our Car Club subscription, which is designed to help customers keep their cars clean and in pristine condition all year round.
  • Can I request a receipt and/or VAT Invoice?
    While we are not currently VAT registered, we can email you an standard invoice once the service has been paid for.
  • How long is it going to take?
    The duration depends on the package you have selected and the amount of work required to transform your car, the booking duration will be shown to you whilst completing your booking. Please note, all durations shown are approximate. Factors such as weather conditions, location, and the number of valeters can impact the duration. While these estimates offer guidance, the actual time may vary accordingly.

More about our Mobile Soft Top Cleaning service in London

Whether you're gearing up for the chilly winter or looking forward to basking in the summer sun, your soft top needs proper attention. Cold weather can leave behind tough stains, stubborn mould, bird droppings, and other marks that can spoil the charm of your convertible.

Why Soft Tops Need TLC

Soft top cars are the epitome of style and luxury. But their fabric roofs can suffer from the harsh effects of the weather, especially after enduring a wet and cold winter. Stains, wear and tear, mould, bird droppings, and tree sap can all damage your soft top. To restore your car's pristine look and ensure it's ready to shine in the summer, The Valeters offer a specialised 3-stage Soft Top Cleaning and Protection service.

Our Cleaning Process

Before we begin rejuvenating your soft top, we conduct a detailed inspection to assess dirt buildup and identify any areas needing extra care. Then, we start by applying a soft top cleaner and/or mould killer to your entire soft top, letting it work its magic. Next, we gently brush away deep-seated dirt and mould from the soft top's fibres. After rinsing off the cleaning products, we repeat the process to ensure thorough cleaning. We also include a comprehensive exterior clean to remove any dirt buildup on your vehicle. After cleaning, we carefully wet vacuum and blow dry your soft top, getting it ready for the next step.


Finally, we protect your soft top with a specialised soft top protector, ensuring it repels water effectively and stays mould-free.

Why Choose The Valeters?

We're not just your average car wash – we're accredited soft top restoration experts dedicated to giving your convertible the care it deserves. With our commitment to revitalising your soft top, you can trust us to make it look its best.

We offer Mobile Soft Top Cleaning service in London - Northolt - Paddington - Hammersmith - Fulham - Ealing - Brentford - Harrow - Acton - Chelsea - Earls Court - North Acton - Mayfair - Knightsbridge - Pimlico - Sloane Square - Hanger Lange - Stanmore - East Acton - Central London - Kingston - Chiswick - Richmond - Wembley - Perivale - Watford - Wandsworth - Barnes - Alperton - Park Royal - London - Heathrow - West Drayton - Southall - Hayes  - Kensington

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