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Mobile  Valeting & Detailing  in London

Mini Valet Plus

The mini valet plus is perfect for well maintained vehicles which require light cleaning.


Whether you're preparing for a special occasion or just want to treat your car to a bit of extra care, our Mini Valet Plus ensures that your vehicle is treated with the dedication and attention to detail that defines The Valeters experience.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the steps we carry out when completing our mobile mini valet at your home or work.

Mobile Mini Valet in London

What to expect

Pro Tip: If your vehicle isn't coated, consider adding a Sealant or Wax coating to your booking to achieve hydrophobicity,  keeping your car cleaner for longer whilst improving paint gloss, depth and clarity. 

detailing interior

Does your interior need a deep clean? If so, check out our Full Valet package.

Small Vehicles


Medium Vehicles


Large Vehicles


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Mini Valet Plus: A Quick Breakdown Of Our Steps.

Your car, like any loyal companion, deserves a bit of pampering now and then. Introducing The Valeters' Mini Valet Plus – a light treatment designed to breathe new life into your beloved vehicle. We work our magic to ensure your car gleams with a refreshed aura. Here's a breakdown of the meticulous steps that go into our Mini Valet:

Exterior Wash:
The journey to a rejuvenated vehicle begins with a thorough exterior wash + wax. Our team employs gentle yet effective cleaning agents to remove dirt and grime, giving your car a clean and polished look.

Interior Bliss:
Step inside, and you'll find our attention turning to the interior. Seats, carpets and mats undergo a light vacuuming, lifting away dust and debris that might have settled during your daily adventures. The result is a tidier, more inviting interior that adds to the overall allure of your car.

Dashboard Delight:
The heart of your driving experience gets a special treat with a meticulous dusting of the centre console and dash. We pay attention to the details, ensuring that every nook and cranny is free from dust, leaving you with a spotless and polished dashboard.

If you're searching for "mobile car valeting near me," "mobile valeters near me," or "mobile car wash near me," our Mini Valet is your answer. We bring precision, expertise, and convenience to your doorstep, ensuring your car's interior gets a transformation.

The Valeters' Mini Valet works its magic to elevate your car's elegance, both inside and out. It's the perfect solution for those moments when your vehicle needs a quick refresh or when you want to maintain its pristine condition between more extensive detailing sessions.


At The Valeters, we believe that every car, regardless of its size, deserves the best in care, and our Mini Valet is a testament to that commitment.


Treat your car to a touch of luxury with our Mini Valet Plus, and let it shine on every journey.

Mobile Car Mini Valet in London

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