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Mobile  Valeting & Detailing  in London

Exterior Wash Plus Carnauba Wax

Unlock sublime gloss levels and water repellency with our Exterior Wash plus Carnauba Wax coating.

We only use Spotless Ultra-Pure Water and PH Neutral Shampoos and Snow Foams, we couple this with the 2 bucket wash methods and edgeless drying cloths to minimise the risk of scratches and swirls and achieve a flawless clean every time!

Below is a detailed breakdown of the steps we carry out when completing our exterior wash at your doorstep.

Mobile Exterior Wash in London

What to expect

  • Hand wash

  • Wheel, tyres and arches cleaned.

  • Buff & dry

  • Exterior windows

  • Carnauba Wax coating

Pro Tip: Interested in keeping your exterior regularly maintained? Check out our Exterior Subscription Packages.

Ferrari mobile exterior wash in london

Does your interior need a spruce up? If so, check out our Mini Valet package.

Small Vehicles


Medium Vehicles


Large Vehicles


Have any questions? Send us a email or call today. 

The art of Exterior washing

At The Valeters London, we're all about using gentle yet effective cleaning agents. Unlike some car washes that use harsh chemicals causing damage to your paint and chrome, our methods aim to keep your car looking good for longer.

Curious about how we do our exterior wash? Well, keep reading...

Hand Wash

Your exterior will be in for a thorough hand wash using PH Neutral Shampoo.The Wheels, tyres and arches:


Wheels, tyres and arches
We initiate the cleaning process by flushing the wheel arches, followed by cleaning of the wheels and tires. 

Buff & Dry

Dried with a edgeless plush microfibre cloth.

Exterior Windows

All windows will be buffed to a mirror like finish.

Carnauba Wax Coating

Our premium carnauba wax is a premium coating, revered for its ability to create a deep, glossy shine and provide long-lasting protection. 

Pro Tip: Consider our Car Club Subscription, to keep your car regularly maintained.

If you're searching for "mobile exterior wash near me," "mobile valeters near me," or "mobile car wash near me," our Exterior wash is your answer. We bring precision, expertise, and convenience to your doorstep, ensuring your car's interior gets a transformation.

To sum it up, achieving a showroom shine involves a thoughtful approach and sticking to proven techniques. At The Valeters London, we prioritise the longevity and appearance of your vehicle with our comprehensive exterior wash routine. Now armed with these pro tips, you can achieve that clean, shiny look without compromising your car's paint.

Mobile Car Exterior Wash in London

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