Mobile Car Valeting in Chelsea

Mobile Car Valet in Chelsea by The Valeters

Do you know how long time you reside in your car travelling to and from: taking the cat to the veterinary, dropping and collecting your children from/to school, shopping and workplace which will most certainly leave dirty stains on your upholstered car seats. Our car carpet valeting helps keep your car carpets smelling nice, fresh, hygienic and clean.

The Valeters are the specialists in car deep cleaning in Chelsea, by using one incomparable cleaning products and tools available on market, we are able to deeply clean your car seats, We clean and sanitize all the leather & fabric eliminating microbes which could contribute to obnoxious smell.

You may be selling your car and want to ensure that you get the maximum price for it. Our mobile car upholstery valet package gives a wonderful effect and can add big value to the selling price of your automobile. Car valeting can be complete at your workplace, whilst your out and about or at your home or work in Chelsea!